Predictions Jon Snow: Game Of Thrones Season 8

Predictions Jon Snow: Game Of Thrones Season 8

The return of Jon snow is totally possible. During the interview with “Kit Harington” known as Jon Snow in Game of Thrones, when asked about his contract with HBO he revealed that his contract with the company will end when he will turn thirty; as we all know he just turned twenty nine recently, so that means we can expect him to be in the show for the next two years. Therefore, his return to the show is totally on cards.

There is more evidence that we will see the return of Jon Snow on the show. If viewers were paying attention to the last scene where Jon Snow was left to die, the music that was playing in the background was changed a bit leaving some of the audience to suspect that something is fishy about this scene. The same music was playing when his little brother Bran’s fate was uncertain and he was bed ridden and there was no hope for his recovery, the music changed while the scene was ending. This clearly demonstrates that there is more to his death and we will not be surprised to see his return in the upcoming episode.

Another prediction is about Sansa Stark, who flees Winterfell with Theon Greyjoy. Ramsay will send his army in her search and to bring her back to Winterfell. They will not succeed in their search. Ramsay will write a letter to his brother Jon Snow, the Lord of Winterfell, not a clue what happened to him at Winterfell. he will have a strong feeling that Sansa will go his brother for safety and he will demand her back or else he will attack Castle Black in order to take her back.

It seems like before Jon receives the letter from Ramsay he will be resurrected by Melisandre. She claimed during one of the interview given on a channel that her role in the season 6 will be a very crucial one. If incase this is true than Jon Snow might emerge as a warrior which Melisandre always dreams of, Warrior that will draw burning sword from the fire, known as Warrior of the light. He might emerge as a changed personality, free from all the vows and can live as he always wanted. But there is more question after he come back to life, will he execute everyone who betrayed him? Or will he let go everyone? After knowing about her sister, will he give command to someone else and go out for her safety? Will he take any help from the Wildings? We will have to wait and watch how this turn out to be.

As per my views, Jon might find Sansa living safely with Umbers, Ned Stark’s brother. He will join with the remaining northern lords in his fight against the Boltons. He will also request the Wildings to join him in his fight. Firstly, they all will refuse because the northern lords will never say “yes” with the alliance with the Wilding and on the other hand the wilding will say that have never signed up for such an agreement. However, Jon will somehow convince all of them by giving him those lectures about the unity and strength and the rising of the White Walkers.

We can expect a massive battle between the northern army, Jon snow and Wildings against the Boltons’s army. It is expected that many Wilding will die in the battle and Ramsay and Jon Snow will face each other. Finally Ramsay will try to escape from the battle before Jon catches him and kills him. Ramsay’s fate is not clear whether he will survive or die, it is not yet clear.

We can also expect to see a surprise in the battle when Littlefinger arrives in the Battle with his army of Vale to fight against the Boltons. After the battle Sansa will give orders to execute Bruce Bolton for betraying his brother. Startks will once again rule the Winterfell and the North. 

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