Game of Throne season 6 spoiler

The much awaited season 6 of the popular show “Game of Throne” is ready to be aired on 24th March’ 2016. The trailer is already out and there are many fascinating stories that are covered in the trailer. 

 what it tells us that Jon Snow is still dead and preparation get underway for his funeral but it can also be seen that somebody touches Jon Snow on the chest and the head. Will he come back from the dead? This is what everybody is looking forward for. 

Sir Davos looks at some king of material specially one for burning the corpse but it is not clear for whom it is intended. It might be for Jon snow but not sure !!

Jamie Lannister returns to King’s Landing on one of ships which belongs to House Martell, he brings the body of Dead Myrcella who was seen poisoned in the season 5. Cersei goes mad after learning about this that Jamei and Cersei decides to take revenge, in the promotion Jamie tells Cersei that they will take back everything which has been taken from them.

The Bolton’s are planning something really big and getting back to their old ways. They can be seen going on a war with lots of soldiers. Thw war might be with the rest of North people, who also got support from the Wildlings. In the trailer Tormund Giantsbane can be seen surronded by Bolton’s shields who it is clear that Bolton’s are at war. 

Melisandre, as we all know her to be very confident and brave and always thinking of Victory seems to be less confident and breaking up and not sure about the future as she says “ The great victory I saw in the flames, all of it was a lie”.

Jorah, who is in love with Daenerys leaves mereen to find Daenerys along with Daario, they founds some things which belongs to Daenerys. It looks like Daenerys is taken against her will, she looks at the big statue of a horse and it is believed that she is being taken to the Vaes Dothrak, house of the Dothraki people.

 On the other hand, Daenerys, have so much on her plate and is wondering how she will be able to feed all these people.

The Sparrows might have released Cersei following her walk of shame but they still have an important role to play. Gregor Clegane who is back from the dead will try to take revenge for Cersei and in the season 6 trailer Cersei can be seen saying to the sparrows that she chooses violence over peace.

Sansa who jumped with Theon survived the jump from the castle wall of Winterfell will have a bigger role to play. Tyrion informs Sansa that you’re in the great game and it is horrifying.”

Bran Stark who is training with the three eyed raven, will have more visibility about the past and the future and he knows that nobody has any idea what is going to happen in the future.