GOT S05E09

Ramsay attacked Stannis’s army during a snowstorm. He almost destroyed their food supplies and camp and also hurt their horses. He lead an army of twenty people and made a massive impact on Stannis’s army. Melisandre who is still optimistic about Stannis winning the war asks him to listen to her and sacrifice King’s blood. Stannis without even thinking a little offers her daughter “Princess Shireen” to be burned alive as a sacrifice to the god. Shireen cried for her life as she was burnt alive by her own father, she kept screaming for her parents. Jon and his Wildlings group return to the Wall, the welcome was fell of tension and fear. 

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In Dorne, Prince Doran allows Jaime to tae Myrcella with him but only at one condition that Trystane will also accompany them to the King’s Landing will serve in the council in place of Oberyn’s. In Meereen, the fight in the pits begins and Daenerys got shock after seeing Jorah in the pit fighting among others. Jorah single handedly defeated every fighter in the pit but then the fight was interrupted by the Sons of Harpy. They attacked Daenerys and her group and her bodyguards surrounded Daenerys in order to save her from any harm.

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Sons of Harpy overpower Daenerys and his group and were surrounded by the opponents from every corner and there was no scope of escaping. When the chances were looking dim and all hopes were gone then suddenly Daenerys’s dragon arrives and made everybody run for their life. They stated attacking the dragon but to no use as the Dragon get Daenerys on his back and flies away and everybody looked like a spectator.

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