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Cersei who always felt proud of herself denies to confess her sins that she has committed. Jaqen gives a new identity to Arya and that she will no longer be known as Arya Stark.  She has become Lana, an oyster merchant. Jaqen gives her a task and informs her about a man who sells marine insurance but he is not a good guy and cheated a lot of people with money and is a fraud. Her job is to know every little thing about this man and find a perfect time to poison him. At Castle Black, Sam who is a good friend of Jon has been asked several question about Jon Snow helping the Wildlings and his intentions. Reek who lost faith in himself things he is not capable of doing anything and inform Sansa that escaping from Winterfell is next to impossible and she should not risk her life doing so.

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He also informed that her brothers might be alive as he faked their deaths. Ramsay as aggressive as always doesn’t want to wait for Stannis to attack them first instead asks for 20 good men to attack them as they will not be anticipating any sudden attack. In Meereen, Tyrion and Jorah were brought in front of Daenerys and Tyrion requests Daennerys to spare Jorah’s life and she exiles him again. Jorah got nowhere to go, went back to Yezzan again and request him to let him fight in the pits. Tyrion was successfully accepted by Daenerys to join her group of council members.

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At Hardhome, Jon and Tormund tried their best to convince the rest of the Wildlings to join them as there is very little time left before the White Walkers hits them. Finally they all agreed to join and come with them. At the same time they were attacked by the White Walkers. The Wildlings started escaping in the ships and some were killed by the Walkers. Jon Snow kills a White Walker with his Valyrian-steel sword to everyone’s surprise. As Jon sails in the water he looked at the king of the Night and how he reanimated every deceased Wildlings as one of his kind.

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