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Jon Snow as commited leaves with Tormund and his group for Hardhome. Shortly after Jon left Maester Aemon breathe his last breath and dies. At castle Black seeing Gilly alone to brothers of the Night’s Watch attacked her and tried to rape her but Sam arrives on time and fought hard with the brothers and rescues her. Sansa feeling trapped and lonely in Winterfell wanted to leave and ask Reek for help. Reek in return informs Ramsay about it who praises Reek for his loyalty. Ramsay flayed the women who wanted to help Sansa escape. At Stanni’s camp Melisandre comes up with a strange idea and suggested to sacrifice Shireen however Stannis was angry to hear this and refused to follow her. Jorah and Tyrion were further sold to another man known as Yezzan zo Qaggaz.

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They both were brought to the fighting puts and luckily at the same time Daenerys and group were also visiting the fighting pit to see the preparations and excitement among people for the games. The fight begins and one by one more fighters started entering the pit and it became more intense. Jorah who was the last man standing revealed his identity to Daenerys and also showed her tyrion whom he brought as a gift for her. Daenerys and the group were shocked to see him standing in the fighting pit. In Dorne, Jaime met Myrcella and informs her that he has come to take her back to the King’s Landing however Myrcella refuses to come with him.

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Myrcella tell Jaime that she loves Trystane and wants to marry him and ultimately she has to come here after marrying so why she should leave Dorne? Olenna demanded the High Sparrow to release her daughter and son but the request was rejected by the High Sparrow. To everyone’s surprise the High Sparrow discloses that they known about Cersei and Lancel’s sexual relationship and take her in prison too.

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