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Brienne following Sansa Stark reached Winterfell along with Podrick and finds a place of herself near to the place where Sansa is staying. She fins a way to send the message to Sansa Stark. Sansa who reunites with Theon Greyjoy, now known as Reek is shocked and surprised to see him in his present state and couldn’t believe her eyes. At the Wall, Tormund accepts Night’s Watch offer and forms an alliance with them to join them and the Night’s Watch will allow them to settle in the south of the Wall. Jon Snow agrees to go along with Tormund to meet rest of the Wildlings at Hardhome.

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Stannis leaves from Caastle Balck for Winterfell along with his family Selyse and Shireen. In Meereen, Grey worm who is recovering from the injury looks better and improving day over day. Daenerys who is upset after the battle with the Sons of Harpy feeds Meereenese noble to Viserion and Rhaergal and to show her aggressiveness and her other side imprison others who were responsible for Ser Barristan’s death.

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At last, she has seen enough and in order to calm down the nerves of the resident of Meereen, she orders the reopening of the fighting pits and to everyone’s surprise decides to marry Hizdahr zo Loraq to spread peace among the residents and to show them she is one of them. Tyrion who is being held by Jorah, were passing through Valyria when they got attacked by the stone men. Jorah who is a renowned fighter escapes the stone men but in the process gets infected with Greyscale.

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