GOT S05E04

The Sparrows arrest Loras Tyrell as he was found guilty. Margaery went mad after knowing of her brother’s arrest and request her King husband to order his release but Tommen finds himself too week to order anything and he was unable to secure his release. Melisandre who knows that Jon Snow has Ned Stark blood in him tries to convince him to join Stannis in his fight and to go to Winterfell where he can rule. At Winterfell, Baelish discloses that he is been called to the King’s Landing by Cersei and he will have to leave immediately. Before leaving for Winterfell she tells Sansa about her misgivings towards Ramsay and explains how important it is for her to marry him so that she can be free as she can easily manipulate Ramsay. 

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Bronn and Jaime enters Dorne secretly and gets confronted by some horseman, they battle with them take their clothes and their horses. However before they could do something, the sand snakes get to know their presence in Dorne and their motive that they have come to rescue her daughter Myrcella. Ellaria who is baffled by the death of his love, Oberyn, wants to take revenge and convinces the Sand Snake to abduct Myrcella before she could be rescued by Jaime. Ser Jorah, who still wants to be with Daenerys, plans to present Tyrion to her and claim her position again.

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In Meereen, Hizdahr zo Loraq makes another attempt in front of Daenerys to open the fighting pits, somethng to consider for. On the other hand, Sons of Harpy plans and ambush the army of Unsullied who were patrolling the Citadel, Grey worm gets critically wounded and Ser Barristan is killed.

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