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Margery who is married to Tommen and wanted to get rid of his mother in law, Cersei, tries to manipulates Tommen’s thinking by constantly giving him ideas about sending her to Casterly Rock so that she can take full control and she doesn’t have to see her again. Baelish who wants to strengthen his position offers Sansa Stark to marry Ramsay, son of Bolton, who now controls the Winterfell. Doing this he will strike an alliance with the rising Bolton power in the north and this will make his position strong too. Baelish who plans to bring down the King’s Landing offers that if this marriage proposal go through than the North with the support of Vale could succeed in the plan. Sansa who belongs to Winterfell will also give credibility and acceptance among the local people.

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Stannis plans to lead his army to King’s Landing through Winterfell. Arya was told that she cannot carry any stuff with her if she wants to stay in the House of black and white. She throws everything in river but hides her needle in the rocks and takes the entry in the house. At Castle Black, jon who is now the Lord commander names Ser Allister First Ranger as he is the most experienced and senior member of the Night’s watch. However, Jon Snow faced tough situation as well when Janos Slynt refuses to obey him and rejected his orders that he has to rebuild Greygard.

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This made Jon unhappy and he has to lead with an example to resist other to follow what Janos did so he decide to execute him and eventually he did himself. Lancel who is now a very religious man finds the High Septon in a compromising position in littlefinger’s brothel and arrests him. When Cersei came to know about his she decides to talk to the High Sparrow herself. Tyrion along with Varys visits a brothel in Volantis and gets drunk. Jorah who was also present at the brothel at that time sees Tyrion and kidnaps him.

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