GOT S05E02

Arya arrives in Bravos after a lot of struggle. At first she was denied entry in the house of Black and White, which is also called the temple of the Many-faced God. She sat outside of days as she has nowhere else to go and she was also determined to get the entry in the house. At last, she finally is allowed to enter the house. At King’s Landing, Cersei is worried about her daughter’s safety who is in Dorne. Jaime promises her assured her that he will bring their daughter home safely. He then tries to persuade Bronn to join him in his mission. After some negotiations Bronn and Jaime comes to an agreement and he agrees to join him. Podrick notices littlefinger in a tavern and he informs Brienne about it.

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Brienne shows her courage and approaches them and tells Sansa Stark about her association with her Mother Catelyn Stark and how she was given responsibility of saving her. However, Sansa refuses to accept Brienne’s offer for safety and stays with the littlefinger whom she has started to trust. Jon Snow has been offered the lordship of Winterfell by the Stannis only if he agrees to help him in his fight. It was an opportunity which was very difficult for Jon Snow to decline but he still declines it. Seeing the rift between the Night watch group, master Aemon and others decide to have a vote for the nominated contenders.

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It was a very close competition between Jon Snow and the existing lord of Winterfell and there was a tie between them but then the last vote of master Aemon went into Jon Snow’s favour and he became the lord of Winterfell. Daenerys gives order to execute the member of the “Sons of the Harpy” group, the person who was responsible for the murder of the member of the Unsullied without giving him a fair trial. This created a riot type of situation in Meereen. At the end of the episode, Daenerys is standing at the top and looking at the city of Meereen and her dragon can be seen flying in the sky.

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