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Sam decided its not safe for Gilly to live in Castle Black and he cannot protect her all the time. He was given a choice to go to Oldtown and become a Maester there and he accepts it and leaves Castle with Gilly. Selyse after realizing her doughter’s sacrifice hangs herself and finishes her life. After seeing Stannis has lost his mind and doing extraordinary things to win the war, half of his army leaves him and he is left with few to fight with. He was convincingly defeated by the Boltons and ultimately Brienne kills him. Melisandre escaped and flees towards Castle Black. Sansa tries to flee Castle Black but is cought by Myranda. Reek comes for her rescue and Sansa motivates him and want him to become like the peoson she used to know “Theon Greyjoy”. Reek kills Myranda and and escape with Sansa by jumping from the one of the Castle wall of Winterfell. Cersei who couldn’t bear torture anymore has given up and confessed her sins of sleeping with Lancel.

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She was forced to walk naked from the building to the King’s Palace. The crows threw stuff at her and spits at her while she was walking through. She was very embarrassed and cried her way through. When she entered the King’s palace she was received by the small council members and a new face which was introduced by Qyburn as the new addition to the King’s guard. Jaime accepts the offer of letting Trystane join the council, sails with Myrcella, Bronn and Trystane from Dorne. On the way Myrcella tells Jaime that she knows from the beginning that he is her father and they both looked at each other. As she could say anything she collapses, she was being poisoned by Ellaria. Arya who is now a trained fighter enters a brothel and kills Ser Meryn, whom she hated.

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Jaqen after coming to know about this act look this personally and took his own life to repay the many faced god as Arya stole a life of a person. Arya gets blind. Varys reached Meereen and along with Tyrion, Grey Worm and Missandei rule the city. Daario and Jorah set out ot search for Daenerys, who is taken by the Dathraki people. Jorah find a ring which belong to Daenerys and know she was taken and he is following the right paqth. Daenerys looked at the big statue of a horse and believes that she is being taken to the last remaining city of the Dothrakis. A Castlr Balck, Jon Snow was attacked by a group of brothers including, Allister, Olly and they stabbed him and leaving him to die.

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