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Season 5 opens in a flashback where Cersei remembers when she was young she visited an old house in the forest where lives a witch. Cersei accompanied by her friend go to see the witch who informs Cersei that whatever she will accomplish will be taken away from her by someone younger and more beautiful than her. This made her wonder for many years and also made her very insecure throughout these years. After the final ritual has been completed of Tywin Lannister, Cersei accuses Jaime for helping Tyrion escape from prison and leave the King’s Landing. First episode also mark the return of Lancel Lannister but he returned as a changed man, he is now more religious and had nothing to do with the Throne. 

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He became the member of the “High Sparrow”. Varys gives an offer to Tyrion to join him to come to Meereen and become a part of Daenerys’s group. Tyrion agrees to join him and is ready to become one of the council members to help Daenerys’s claim to the Iron Throne. In Meereen, things were getting out of control where the insurgent “sons of the Harpy” kills a member of the Unsullied. Daario along with Hizdarh try to convince Daenerys to start the traditional fighting pits which is being missed by his residents and they are become impatient and loosing control on themselves. Daenerys visits her dragons in the lock up, as they see her they breathe fire at her, this made her a little scared. In the Vale, after sending Robin in the care of House Royce where he can be taken care off, leaves with Sansa.

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On their way they passed Brienne and Podrick, who noticed their caravan. At the Wall, Stannis seeks to persuade the Wildlings to fight with his in his was against the Roose Bolton. Jon Snow tries to convince Mance Rayder to agree with Stannis’s offer but to no use, Mance was clear in his intention that he will die but will never join him in his fight. This made Stannis kill him by burning him alive for treason, Jon couldn’t see his pain and shoots him with an arrow so that he can reduce his pain.

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