GOT S04E08

The Wilding enters Mole’s town and start killing everybody they see. Gilly was hiding but Ygritte sees her and was about to kill her when she notices the infant and leaves her to live. Sam after learning about the attack regrets his decision to leave Gilly alone and believes her to be dead. Reek goes to Moat Coilin pretending to be Theon Greyjoy and lures them that they will be spared if they surrender before Ramsay. They surrendered in a hope to go home and reunite with their family but Ramsay slaughter them all and betray their trust. Roose Bolton learns about Ramsay heroics and legitimizes him as his legal son as they both arrive in Winterfell.

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Across the narrow sea, Missandei and Grey worm start to understand each other well and becomes close. Ser Barristan, receives a letter directed to Ser Jorah and confronts her for spying on Daenerys. He then hands the letter over to Daenerys; this left her with broken heart and orders Jorah to leave Meereen that very moment and never to be returned. In Vale, Sansa discloses her true identity in front of the council and convincing them that Peter has nothing to do with the death of Lysa.

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Arya dn Hound arrives at the gates of the Vale but learns that Lysa is already dead. In king’s landing, Jaime talks to Tyrion before the combat starts. As the combat starts Oberyn and Clegane were equally good and Oberyn gains the upper hand and as everybody thought that the fight is about to finish and Oberyn will be the winner. It got sentimental and wanted the seriously wounded Clegane to confess that he killed his sister. Clegane catch him off guard and used his full power to crush his skull and later confesses that he was the one who killed his sister. Tywin sentences Tyrion to death.

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