GOT S04E06

In Essos, Stannis accompanied by Davos travels to Bravoos to present their case in order to secure loan and reignite their army. At first the Iron bank refuses to lend them any however Davos managed to convince them and showcase them that he is the last legal hire for the Throne and will pay back with interest after reclaiming the Throne. Secondly, he also manages to get the support of Salladhor Saan and his pirates to have an alliance with Stannis’s army.

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In Meereen, Daenerys resumes her duties as a queen by listening to people’s request and also learned from a man that his goats were being killed by his uncontrolled dragons. At Dreadfort, Yara attacks in order ot save his brother Theon but fails as Theon refused to go with her fearing that Ramsay will kill him for this. Yara seeing the state in which her brother is left declares him dead and abandon the attack and flees. Ramsay acknowledging Reek’s loyalty towards him rewards him with a task to pretend as Theon Greyjoy, whom he is not, so that he can kill Moat Cailin.

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In King’s landing, Tywin announces reward for killing the Hound and also directs Varys to continue spying on Daenerys. Same day, Tyrion is brought for trial for Joffrey’s murder. As expected by him all of the witness testifies against him but to his shock the lady he loved, Shae also testifies against him, which left him in shock and out of anger and agony he demands a trial by combat.

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