GOT S04E05

Tommen is crowned as the new King of the seven kingdoms. Meanwhile, Cersei catches up with the judges of to be help combat deciding the fate of Tyrion and tries to bring them to her side in order to take her revenge. Peter Baelish takes Sansa to the Eyrie and portray her as her nice. Lysa Arryn finds that Peter have some feelings for Sansa and she is luring peter on her side, feeling suspicious Lysa Arryn pressurize peter to marry her that very day. In Meereen, Daenerys learns about the fallback to slavery of Astaphor and Yunkai, she decides to stay back and abandon her attack on the Westeros and declaring herself the queen she decides to be a ruler.

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On their journey, the Hound sees Arya practicing her water dancing and hound argues with her about her fighting style and her mentor Syrio saying him as worthless, this angers her. On the road, Brienne learns that Podrick is a burden as he doesn’t possesses any skills however she was impressed by the way he protected Tyrion by killing a Kingsguard.

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Beyond the wall, Jon and group was ready to attack Craster’s keep. Same time Locke in a rush plans to kidnap Bran but Bran using his skills entered Hodor’s mind and killed him. Jon attacks the Mutineers and killed them all and finally burned Craster’s keep. Meantime, Bran and his group continue their journey to the head further north.

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