GOT S04E04

Daenerys captures Meereen and seeks justice for the slave children by killing all 163 masters and hanging them to the post. Peter Baelish tells Sansa that he is responsible for the killing of King Joffrey despite his alliance with the Lannisters. In King’s landing, Olenna admits that she ordered the killing of Joffrey in order to protect her from his cruel behavior and she also encourage her to seduce Tommen who is all set to become the next King before cercei could wash his mind and turn him against her.

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Jaime goes to the prison to meet his brother Tyrion and is convinced that he is not guilty However Cersei is persistent about Tyrion and believe that he is one who killed her son and also orders Jaime to hunt down Sansa and kill her. Jaime acting opposite sends Brienne along with Podrick to search for Sansa and keep her safe. In the North, Allister Thorne and Janos Slynt conspire against Jon and ask him to lead the army against the Metineers.

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Meantime, Bran and group is taken hostage at the craster’s keep and Bran is forced to disclose his true identity. Meantime Further North, white walker takes the new born from Craster’s keep to a unknown ritual site where another White Walker touches the baby and turning his eyes blue.

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