GOT S04E03

Tyrion is arrested immediately and kept in the prison. Meantime, former Knight Dontos Hollard helps Sansa in escaping from the King’s landing and he brought her to Peter Baelish, who eventually kills Dontos to keep this a secret. Tyrion asks for a trial and Oberyn Martell and Mace Tyrell are named the judges for the trial. Tywin begins to groom to be the next King. In Riverlands, as Arya and Hound were continuing their journey, they come across a family of a farmer; to Arya’s surprise Hound robs him. At Dragonstone, Davos came up with a plan to raise money for a new army by seeking help from the Iron Bank of Braavos to lend them loan as Stannis is the last legal hire of the Throne and he can repay them back after winning the Throne back.

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In North, Sam was concerned about the safety of Gilly at the Castle black as she was the only girl there, so he decided to shift her to a nearby Mole’s town but Gilly was not happy with this move. Meantime the wilding continue their attack on the nearby towns prompting the Night’s watch to come out and fight them however Jon insisting that they should stay back and protect the Castle black and should concentrate on building their defense stronger.

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They received a message that a group of Night’s watch mutineers have taken Craster’s keep and are staying there. Jon prepares a team to attack them as he fears that the weekness of Castle Black will be leaked out if Mance Rayder’s army attacks the Craster’s keeps. So at Meereen, Daenerys blocks the whole city after Daario beats Meereen’s champion and tells all the slaves to kill their masters and earn their freedom.

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