GOT S04E02

Roose Bolton comes to meet his bastard son Ramsay Snow and came to know how he has manipulated and tortured Theon Greyjoy that he doesn’t even remember his true identity and turned into a person called “Reek”, servant of Ramsay. Hi next move is to find and kill the remaining sons of Ned Stark, Bran and Rickon in order to claim the North and getting all the territories under the Ironborn occupation. Beyond the Wall, Bran is compelled to go further north as he started seeing the visions of the three-eyed Raven, despite their limited resource to keep their food supplies, he still continue his journey.

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At Dragonstone, Melisandre plans to pay tribute to the Lord of Light by ordering several people to be burned alive, Davos and Shireen were disgusted after knowing about this fact however queen Selyse was not surprised. In King’s Landing, Tyrion calls off his relationship with Shae in order to protect her from his family and plan to send her to Pentos where she can live safely. Jaime hires Bronn to train him to fight with his left hand in exchange he promises him to marry him with a rich girl so he can be wealthy and have a castle of his own.

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At the royal wedding feast, Joffrey makes fun of Tyrion and Tyrion gets upset about it, tensions mounted between them and same time, Joffrey had wine and started choking and dies, it was believed that he was being poisoned, all fingers were pointing towards Tyrion as he once threatened to kill the King. Cersei accused him of killing his son and orders for her arrest.

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