GOT S04E01

Tywin Lannister makes two new sords by melting and keeping in ice the Stark’s ancestral sword. He presents one of the two swords to his son, Jaimme Lannister, who after losing his fighting hand fails to control the sword like he used to early in his life. Prince Oberyn arrives in the King’s Landing on behalf of his brother Prince Doran but he is accompanied by his lover Ellaria Sand and they arrive to take part in the royal wedding of king Joffrey. Tyrion Lannister is being given the charge to attend to him and welcome in King’s landing.

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Oberyn bluntly tells Tyrion that his motive of coming to King’s Landing is to take revenge for his sister but Elia, who was raped and murdered here. In North, Tormund Giantbane and his group got an unexpected support from Styr and his group to fight against the Night’s watch. Meantime, Jon snow being accepted back at the Castle Black as he proved his innocent.

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He confessed that he was a part of the Tormund group just to get information and know their plans but he has nothing to do with them, Maester Aemen approves this and accept him in the Night’s Watch. Across the narrow sea, Daenerys march her army towards the Meereen, however she finds her dragons are becoming less disciplined as they grow. In Riverlands Arya, retrieve her sword from Polliver and kills him and take vengeance for her friend.

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