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After fighting off the white walker, Sam and Gilly reaches the Wall unhurt. During a thunderstorm, Bran and group were taking shelter at a nearby castle, Hodor becomes inpatient and begins to lose his mind, Bran helped him by entering his brain and calming him down. Jon and group were searching for a safe place when they saw an innocent men, and Tormund oders Jon to kill him and he refused leaving Tormund furious. Tormund orders him to be killed. On kills Orell and escapes leaving fierce Ygritte behind. Bran continues his journey beyond the wall leaving Osha, Rickon and his direwolf behind and letting them go to the Last Hearth.

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Daenerys finding a way to enter her army into yunkai, in order to do so he sends Jorah, Daario and Grey worm and group to invade Yunkai and open the gates from inside. The plan gets successful and she enters with her whole army into Yunkai. Robb Stark reaches at the Twins and apologizes to Walder Frey who pretends that he has forgotten everything and accepts his apology. Edmure marries Roslin Frey and her father Walder Frey throws a party and celebrates at the wedding feast.

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It turned out to be a trap and Walder Frey orders his army to kill all of them. Catelyn and Talisa and most of the Stark bannerman were killed and finally, Roose Bolton kills Robb Stark. Arya who was also present at that time at the Twins witness the massacre and knew that her mother and brother were killed. Before she could do anything Hound leaves her coconscious and carries her to a safe place.

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