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As Bran and group continue their journey to the North, Jojen informs Bran that in order to find the three-eyed Raven they must travel beyond the wall. Osha got horrifies after hearing this and was against this idea. As the time pass by Jon and Ygritte gets closer to each other and Orell did not like their relationship. Theon Greyjoy face the maximum torture by an unknown person and make him a cripple by cutting his private part. Talisa informs Robb that she is pregnant and Robb was excited to hear about this and hugs her. Arya somehow manages to runs away from the Brotherhood but again ending up being captured by the Hound.

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Gendry who was bought was Melisandre revelas that he ia indeed the son of Robert Baratheon. Margaery talks to Sansa about her marriage to King Joffrey and how excited she is to become a queen. Shae puts Tyrion is a spot by saying that if he marries Sansa she will end their relationship and she will not keep any king of relationship with him anymore. Joffrey calls a council meeting to the discuss the threat poses by Daenerys to which Tyrion dismissing the fact that they are protected and Daenerys pose no threat to them. Daenerys reached the city of Yunkai. Roose Bolton also leaves Harranhall and head towards the Twins, a heavily protected fort from any kind of attack and to serve as the seat of the House Frey.

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Meantime Jaime also says final goodbye to Brienne before leaving for the King’s Landing. On the way, Qyburn discloses the reason why he lost his Maester’s chain and tells Jaime that Locke refused the ransom offered by Brienne’s father. After learning this , jaime returns to Harrenhall and find Brienne is in the pit and fighting with a Bear. Jaime jumps in and saves Brienne and eventually leaves from Harrenhall with her after fighting off with the guards.

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