GOT S03E06

In King’s Landing, Tywin Lannister expresses his views to Olena Tyrell and persuaded her to agree to the proposal of marrying Loras to Cersei and she agreed to it. Tyrion and Cersei talk about the consequences of their marriage and what impact it can have on their lives. Tyrion inform Shae about his marriage to Sansa Stark and convinces her that he has no other option left but to accept this. Baelish informs Varys that he has cought his informer, Ros, and handed over to King Joffrey who kills her.

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In Riverland, Melisandre trade Gendry from the brotherhood and Arya was upset about this. Robb stark craks a deal with Walder Frey and gives his words to marry his uncle Edmure to one of Frey’s daughter. Roose Bolton directs his men to take Jaime Lannister to the King’s Landing but refuses to let go Brienne. Theon Greyjoy continuously gets tortured by unknown boy.

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Bran on their journey to the north faces hard time and tension begins to mount. Beyond the Wall, Sam continues his journey with Gilly and her infant son. Meantime, Jon and Ygritte tals about their relationship while climbing the wall.

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