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ywin Lannister leanrs from Littlefinger about Tyrell’s plan to marry Sansa Stark with Loras Tyrell. In order to prevent this union which might weaken his position and put Sansa Stark at a strong position, he instead proposes Loras to marry his daughter Cersei and Sansa to his son Tyrion. Cersei and Tyrion they both were against this decision though and protested against the same but in vain. Stannis confesses his unfaithfulness to his wife, Selyse, who was not surprise to hear this and said, she already knew about this and was ok with that. Stannis’s daughter, Shireen, goes to the prison to meet Sir Davos without anyone’s knowledge and motivate him to learn how to read; he agrees and starts to learn. The Hound defeats Lord Beric and wins his freedom and released but Beric apparently revived by the power of the Lord of Light.

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As they are released, Gendry expresses his wish to stay with the brotherhood as he enjoyed cooking and thinks he will be happier staying back, on the other hand Thoros and Beric decides to take Arya to his brother, Robb Stark and trade her freedom. Jamie confesses to Brienne and explain why he killed the Mad king after he was delivered to Roose Bolton. At Riverrun, Robb Stark kills Lord Karstark as he murdered two Lannister detainee boys as he was seeking revenge for the death of his son.

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As a result he lost the support of the Karstarks, eventually leaving him with no other option left other than seeking support from Walder Frey and make alliance with him. Beyond the Wall, Jon snow holding back some secrets and not disclosing all the information, fails to earn the wilding’s trust. Ygritte falls for him and started liking him and they both end up having sex. Across the narrow sea, Grey Worm has been selected as the leader for the unsullied army.

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