GOT S03E04

Theon Greyjoy is being cheated by the person who help him flee and he brought him back to the prison for torture. Jaime depressed and realizes that without his sword hand he is of no use but Brienne, who was saved by Jaime. tries to console him and tells him not to give up hope. Varys tells Tyrion how he became a eunuch, and that he now has in his power the magician who castrated him. Bran with Jojen continues their journey to search for three-eyed raven.

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At Craster’s keep the surviving group gets into suffle with their host and taking his chances Sam flees with Gilly and her son. Arya followed “Brotherhood without Banners” to their secret location and met their leader Beric Dondarrion, who ask hound for a trial by combat with him.

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Across the narrow sea, Daenerys sets a meeting with Kraznys to finalize the trade for the Unsullied army with one of the dragon, she decide to test the army by ordering them to kill their masters  and execute her plans to recapture her dragon. She then frees the Unsullied who instead decide to follow her as her new army.

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