GOT S03E03

Tywin Lannisters makes Tyrion the new Master of Coins sending Littlefinger to Lysa arryn, Lady of the Vale. Hot Pie decides to stay at the inn while Arya and Gendry continue and follow “Brotherhood without Banners”. Beyond the wall, Mance Rayder sends some of his men with Jon Snow to the Watch. The surviving group of the Night’s watch return to Craster’s keep ans Sam cmae to know that Gilly has given birth to a son.

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Theon surprising got help for an unknown person to helped him flee from the prison. Melisandre leave Dragonstone for an unknown place. Daenerys trade one of her dragons to buy 8000 unsullied men army and Missandei, translatorn much to the displeasure of Ser Barristan and Ser Jorah.

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After being taken as captives, Captor Locke forces himself on Brienne however Jaime tries to convince him not to rape her but much the displeasure of Locke who instead cuts off Jaime’s sword hand.

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