GOT S03E02

On the way to King’s Landing, Jamie steal one of Brienne’s sword and engages her in a fight however seeing them fight Bolton’s soldiers gets engage too. After hearing the news about Bran and Rickon and the attack on Winterfell, Robb decides to abandon the war against the Lannisters and leave to attend Catelyn’s Father’s funeral in Riverrun leaving Lord Karstark angry who desperately seeking to take revenge against jamie Lannisters as he killed his sons.

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Arya hoping to reunite with her mother and brother leaves for Riverum with Hot Pie and Gendry but got stopped by “Brotherhood without Banner” rebel group and taken to an inn where Hound reveals her true identity. Sansa after taken into confidence by Margaery and her grandmother Tyrell tells about Joffrey’s cruel character.

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Captured Theon Greyjoy being tortured by unidentified men. Bran, Rickon, Osha and Hodor encounters their siblings Jojen and Meera and gets to know that Jojen also shares same dreams as Bran and tells him that he is a Warg and can enter minds of the animals.

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