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After all the Stark were killed including Robb, as a reward from the Lannisters House Frey were presented with the seat of Riverrun and Roose Bolton gets appointed as the warden of the North. Meanwhile, Arya and Hound noticed that the Frey soldiers were mocking and disrespecting the remains of Robb Stark. Arya couldn’t control herself and kills one of the men marking this as her first time she kills and man and rest were killed by the Hound. Yara Greyjoy decides to save his brother Theon and prepares an army and get ready for the assault. Theon begs for mercy and is ready to die as he cannot tolerate anymore torture by Lord Bolton’s bastard son Ramsay snow but he continues to torture him despite his pleading. Tywin criticize Tyrion for not fertilizing sansa with his baby and being selfish for his own desire rather than for the family.

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Jaime reaches King’s landing with Brienne and reunites with Cersei, who was surprised and shocked to see his lost hand. In the North, Bran met sam as they were both across each other’s way and sam ending up guiding him beyond the wall, after sam arrives at the night’s watch in Castle Black informs everybody about the white walkers. Maester Aemon sends out ravens to alert the whole of westeros about the white walkers. Ygritte planning to kill Jon for betraying her shoots him with arrows as tears dropping down her eyes.

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Jon manages to escape from there on his horse and arrives at the gates of Castle black and collapses, Sam orders to open the gates and take him in. At Dragonstone, Davos helps Gendry to escape from Melisandre. On the other hand, Stannis gets a message from the Night’s watch. After consulting the Davos and Melisandre he decides to head towards the North and help providing aid to the Night’s watch. Across the narrow sea,so Daenerys frees all the slaves and as an appreciation people started calling her “mhysa”, which means mother.

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