GOT S02E08

Robb Stark who is in relationship with Talisa leans that her mother freed Jaime Lannister escorted by Brienne of Tarth in order to get Sansa and Arya out of the King’s Landing. Yara Greyjoy reched winterfell to bring back Theon. After Tywin Lannister leaved Harrenhal in order to attack Robb Stark, Arya finds an oppourtunity and asks Jaqen H’ghar to help them escape otherwise she will take his name himself as the third person to kill.

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In king’s Landing Cersei captures Tyrion’s secret lover Ros and tries to blackman him. Stanis prepares to attack king’s Landing and promises to make Davos Seawirth as “hand of the King”. Beyond the Wall, jon Snow and Qhorinbeing brought to mance Rayder by their leader “Rattleshirt”. In Qarth, Jorah helps Daenerys retrieve her dragons safely. It was seen that Bran and Rickon are very much safe and alive.

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