GOT S02E06

Princess Myrcella is sent away from the King’s Landing. Theon succeded in his plans to take over Winterfell and he continues to prove that he is true Ironborn. Robb is impresses by Talisa, an healer and fall in love with her. Across the wall, Jon Snow has been given an oppourtunity to prove his worth and capabilities. While he was on Patrol he confronted with the Wildings and took one as a prisoners named “Ygritte”.

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A Riot broke down in King’s Landing which nearly killed Joffrey but he manges to escape the situation ands also Sansa got trapped and almost got raped but she was saved too. At Qarth, Daenerys negotiate with the leaders and tries to arrange for the ship to take her peope to Westeros. In Lywin Lannister’s custody, Arya hides her true identity and Jaqen helps her in doing so.

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Robb, after learning about Theon’s plans send his men to take over Winterfell and also there are plans to get Bran and Rickon out of Winterfell. Daenerys later finds out that her Dragen are stolen.

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