GOT S01E09

Lannisters and Starks prepares themselves for the war against eachother. Robb and Catelyn negotiate with a traitor Lord and on the other hand, Tyrion brought his barbarian army to join the battle. Drogo was suffering from a wound and is becoming weak day by day, Daenerys trying everything possible to save her, using witch’s blood magis, which Dothraki didn’t like.

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At the wall, jon was worried about the incidents taking place and  Maester Aemon discloses to jon that he is a Targaryen and he paid the price for being loyal. Ned in an effort to saves his daughters life confesses falsely of the conspiracy and admit Joffrey to be the rightful heir of the Iron throne. Joffrey did not show any mercy and executed Ned by shopping of his head much to the delight of the crowd and made Sansa looked all of it.

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