GOT S01E07

Ned argues with Queen Cersei over Jon arryn’s death. Robert came back from hunting wounded by wild pig orders Ned to rule the Iron Throne until his son Joffrey come up the age. Jon snow takes the vow of the Night’s Watch. Drogo brought is army together to attack Westeros after learning that an asssssin tried to poison Daenerys. Ned instruct Baelish to guard the cooperation os the city watch in removing the Lannisters from the Thrones as Joffrey is not Robert’s son but Jaime’s instead.

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Which makes Robert’s younger brother Stannis the true heir of the Throne. Ned reveals Robert’s declaration before Cersei, joffrey and the small council but Baelish and city watch proving their loyalty towards the Lannisters arrets Ned and kill his men.

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