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The news of Ned Starks execution spread like a fire across all seven kingdoms. North boycotting themselves from the south declares Robb as their new “King of the North” Jaime got captured by the Starks and Robert’s brother challenges Joffrey’s claim to the Iron Throne. Lord Tywin Lannister appoints his son Tyrion and the new “Hand of the King” so that he can keep a close eye on Cersei and Joffrey.

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Jon decides to abandon his current role and avenge his father’s death, however his friends convinced him to stay, he agreed to stay and joins the search for his uncle Benjen Stark beyond the wall. Daenerys leans that his unborn child is dead and even Drogo is left is a vegetative state due to witch’s unfaithful magic.

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Unable to see her husband like this he kills him and burns his body along with the Witch and walks into the flames herself. The next day, Daenerys rises unhurt with her three newly born dragons.

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